Monday, May 31, 2010

Introduction to Remixable Web Content

So, what are we talking about when we talk about "Creative Commons web content"?

Basically, we are talking about websites that expressly allow forwarding and reprinting of content with proper credit given.

Nowadays, it's so easy to cut and paste news stories, blog articles and other web content that many bloggers do so without really thinking about it. However, much the same as in the case of music and film companies, news media companies have recently begun to express their dissatisfaction with the fact that many bloggers who do well enough to make a nice side income, or even an entire living off their blogs do so using a lot of content from news sites without any permission (click below to read more).

Jamendo Music: Selection of BY, BY-SA and BY-NC Music

Artist and Track InformationLINKS
COMPILATION des jeunes rapeurs
by d-wanted,kolass,r.a.p.,lik-ma,azaro,1848crew,braka,amalgam (CC-BY)
by s0cRaTe (CC-BY)
rap italiano undergroundhiphop realistic hip hop
balloonsex - an amazing saturday morning involving sea creatures
by Dramacore NetLabel (CC-BY)
noise avant 8bit dramacore netaudio
world astray
by Lo-dj (CC-BY-SA)
techno dance electronic club psychedelic
Стресление вперед
by Mc Tay (CC-BY-SA)
rap hiphop mc tilde tay frac34frac12frac34frac12tilde

Jamendo Music: BY-NC-SA Selection

Artist and Track InformationLINKS
Cookie or not cookie
by Spintronic (CC-BY-NC-SA)
micromusic chiptune 8bit chiptunes gameboy
Funky Lights
by Nazan Grein (CC-BY-NC-SA)
jazz rock fusion funkrock funky
Between 4 and 5
by Manuzik (CC-BY-NC-SA)
downtempo electrojazz drumnbass chillout
by Loys (CC-BY-NC-SA)
pop trance electronic guitar synthesizer
Do What I Wanna Do
by fideldeejay (CC-BY-NC-SA)
dance instrumental electronic house progressive

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Find & Download Remixable Creative Commons Content NOW!

The icons below all link to search pages configured to find you creative commons music, sound samples, video, photos, and web content that you can use and begin adapting and building on right away, for FREE! 

Always remember to confirm and follow the applicable license conditions to any creative commons work you choose to share and use. Below the search icons below are a list of links by genre of other sites where you can find even more great Creative Commons content.

Fill your boots!
Find links to remixable music sources below!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remixable Video From Flickr

Did you know - Flickr offers video now with creative commons licenses, meaning that you can find video that you can use and remix yourself? Check the video search link for Flickr in the sidebar and you will be taken to the latest and greatest CC licensed videos available on Flickr!

The main thing is to be sure that you find and use clips that do not contain the ND symbol (no derivatives). Here are some nice videos from a random search :)


Pretty cool, eh?

What is a "Commercial Use"

The most popular, and often the default CC licenses offered by many web pages (such as Jamendo, CCMixter and Wacca) are licenses that include "NC" or the prohibition on commercial use of the work. This isn't to say that commercial use is prohibited absolutely - just that if the photo or music or text is to be used commercially, you need to contact the creator and get their express permission, perhaps making some kind of appropriate commercial arrangement. Which is to say, these licenses mean that any use of the work resulting in someone getting paid, has to run it by the author and possibly offer them a reasonable cut.

Where you are dealing with use of CC materials by corporations or commercial media in commercials, product materials, or other business uses, the "commercial use" is fairly clear. The problem is that there is a substantial "grey zone" of commercial use that, frankly, even members of Creative Commons themselves are not clear on.

For example, can you feature a song on a blog that shows Google AdSense ads, even where the ads are in the banner and the page webmaster only makes 20 or so dollars a month in revenue? What if you put it on your blog with no advertising that you make no money from, but Google or Yahoo still make money themselves off the banner ads? Is this talking about business use only? Is there a threshold of how much money you have to make from it to be "commercial"?

In order to foster clarity on this, Creative Commons commissioned a worldwide survey of CC members, creators and users to try to see what kind of a consensus there is on what "commercial use" means.

As of today, the matter is still unresolved. While common sense to some people might take "commercial use" as being equivalent to "business use", plenty of people make a lot of money off websites and video channels that start out as amateur hobbies but become a living. The safest approach is basically to acknowledge that if you make ANY money from the presentation of the CC material (even just 1 dollar for Adsense), this risks being seen as a commercial use, that the creator is quite entitled to challenge you on.

That is why this blog does not authorize ads - we'd love to do that, but because we want to showcase material under licenses that both allow and prohibit commercial use, we are sticking to a strict no ads, no income model for now, which means that this blog will be updated by contributors purely out of love.

So enjoy ;)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Commons News Media Video - Al Jazeera

As the world's first independent Arab news channel, Al Jazeera has been at the centre of controversy in the west and the Middle East for its coverage of news, primarily in the Middle East that shows perspectives often not shown by western news sources, or indeed by many of the government run news agencies of countries in the Middle East itself.

Al Jazeera posts much of its video footage to under open creative commons licenses, as part of its stated mission "to make its unique content accessible to audiences around the world".

In providing its news footage under CC licenses, it became the first news broadcaster to do so - one hopes that many will pick up on and follow it's innovative example.




Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Welcome to ZenRemix - Don't Mind the Mess, Preparing for End of May Launch!

Hi, it's great to see that people have already found this site. Just to let you early adopters know what the plan is, I am still gathering a kind of historical list of recommended music from Jamendo and Wacca that I will post here on dates set in the past - this means there will be a significant dump of posts in the next week or so. Please don't be put off by that. Following that, I plan to settle into more of a routine of regular (once every 1-2 weeks) posts of recommended new tracks found on the new music rss feeds of creative commons music sites.

Longer term, it is my hope to get some contributors here, to ensure a broad scope of musical tastes are catered for. I think I do pretty well, but it would be nice to let people focus in on certain genres. For now it's just me though, and I'll do my best to pick the best quality music out, without being too biased towards genres that I DJ in.

Other posts you will notice in the coming weeks are some Creative Commons tutorials - with information linked from the sidebar on practical tips for how to license and follow license conditions attached to creative commons works. Once you take a minute to figure out how creative commons works, you will see it is wonderfully simple for anyone to use, and my hope is to highlight this and encourage other people to use it correctly.

Although this site will be primarily music focussed, once the site is properly set up, I also plan to add occasional posts of cool remixable video clips and photos available from sites like Picasa and Flickr, and to occasionally feature other creative commons licensed web content.

All up, the "official launch" is planned for late May, so please excuse me if you see sudden rushes of posts and site experimentation up until then - it is just me getting the site polished and ready so I am happy to announce it and promote it.

The final step will be the addition of what I will be a video blog featuring new featured content - video, graphics and music, that I hope to DJ sets on using the YouTube channel I have registered.

Overall, the purpose of this site is simple - to help people wade through the increasingly vast world of creative commons content that exists out on the web that people can remix and use to enhance their blogs, to make new music, and to attach to their films and videos. The challenge that this kind of user generated content faces is that not being out in the general mass media, it is hard to know what is good and what isn't. I hope to join you all in finding the best content, and to demonstrate why the future of music is online, digital, remixable, and free.

Thank you for your patience, and stand by - we will commence programming shortly :)


Hikosaemon (ZenRemix Editor)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did You Know That Picasa Offers Remixable Video Too?

In case you were wondering, it isn't just Flickr that is now offering downloadable remixable video. You can also search for CC licensed videos on Picasa, that includes helpful download links and options. Take a look at a few examples found below:


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jamendo Music Selection

Artist and Track InformationLINKS
main d'argent by Bellanger Jacques // jbabebel (CC-BY)
guitar soul romance gypsy
dj Dotz nikel soond by le meilleurs dj NoN conus dj Dotz (CC-BY)
musique toute devoir dijet operatinel
Double Five by howling as a fish (CC-BY)
Riverside Thrills EP by El-mihàn (CC-BY-SA)
rock blues electronic breaks
retro by Mud&Dust (CC-BY-SA)
groove ambient psychedelic
Distance Slowly by Dj briston View the credits(CC-BY-SA)
hiphop instrumental electronic ambient house

Music Selection: Best of Wacca and CCMixter

Artist and Track InformationLINKS
relaxx by postom

水鏡 by ウロ竹太郎

maytide by Kee

Vodkaville by BlakeHT
hip_hop, bass, loops, rap, melody

Food-chain by Fireproof_Babies
rap, hip_hop, rock

Friday, May 14, 2010

How To Attribute CC Materials

All creative commons licenses require that you give credit to the source of the licensed material you are using. This can be done in any number of ways so long as it is made clear:
- Who the creator is
- What CC license the material was made available under
- Where the source material can be located.

The Creative Commons homepage provides detailed information on how to give appropriate attribution to content creators in your own web content, in web, video, photographic and audio materials, as well as standardized markers and attribution templates that you are free to download and use yourself:

For example, I use the video bumpers provided by CC in my videos, and the CC official markers in other web materials. It's dead easy, so take a look.

If you have further questions, be sure to check out the detailed FAQ at Creative Commons:

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Introduction to Remixable Image Content

Of all the forms of creative media to apply Creative Commons, photography is probably where it has had the single greatest impact, with many of the largest and best known photo and image sites offering the option of creative commons tagging of photographs, and many of the best known search engines such as Google offering specialized searches of image content.

There is now so much photo and image content available under remixable CC licenses that it is probably fair to say that you can now find almost anything you can imagine to use in your school project, blog, or presentation, provided you follow the conditions of the applicable license used.

Dig in and find some for yourself!

Remixable Flickr Photo Samples

BY-NC-SA (2.0)

BY-NC-SA (2.0)

BY-NC (2.0)

BY-SA (2.0)

BY-NC-SA (2.0)

Remixable Picasa Photo Samples




You can search for remixable photos yourself using the links below:
Picasa Search
Flickr Search
Google Search

Monday, May 3, 2010

What you CAN, CAN'T and MUST Do With Each Remixable Creative Commons License

Of the SIX Creative Commons Licenses that exist, only FOUR allow for remixing and adaptation of works. This site is dedicated to showcasing works that apply these four "remixable" licenses.

When adapting existing Creative Commons licensed works, or licensing your own work, it is critical that you understand what each license allows, prohibits, and requires anyone reusing the work to do.

Below is a simplified summary of what each license does. ALWAYS CHECK which license applies to the work you are using!

You CAN remix these
You MUST give credit to the creator
Click HERE for tips on how to give credit

You CAN remix these
You MUST give credit to the creator
You MUST apply the same license to your work
Click HERE for tips on how to apply the same license

You CAN remix these
You MUST give credit to the creator
You MUST NOT remix the work in a commercial way
Click HERE for tips on what is and isn't "commercial use"

You CAN remix these
You MUST give credit to the creator
You MUST NOT remix the work in a commercial way
You MUST apply the same license to your work

Creative Commons - The Basic Elements

All Creative Commons licenses are made up of the following four "elements" that tell users how free they are to use the licensed work, as well as what they MUST do and what they CAN'T do (without the artist's direct permission) with the work. Understanding these four elements is the easiest way to instantly recognize and understand any CC license. 

Attribution (BY)
The creator requires that in order to use their work using this symbol, the new user must apply the same license. 
Non-Commercial (NC)
The owner prohibits commercial use of their work. You can get guidelines for what is and isn't commercial use HERE.
Share Alike (SA)
The creator requires that in order to use their work using this symbol, the new user must apply the same license.
No Derivatives (ND)
The owner prohibits any remix, or, in the case of music, any addition of music to video images.